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We offer planting design and container installation services for homeowners, corporate, commercial and hospitality clients in urban spaces across West London and beyond. We specialise in window boxes, raised beds, shopfronts, entrances, roof gardens, balconies and courtyards. We believe that no space is too small for planting and there is a plant suited to every situation.



We will craft a harmonic scheme of containers and planting design suited to your space and personal style. We will choose the right combination of planters and pots to fit in with the surroundings and enhance their own beauty. We are also able to build bespoke wooden planters and raised beds on request. We also provide planting services for your existing containers.


Planting Design

Our planting schemes are usually a blend of evergreens for year-round greenery, seasonal changing perennials with lots of color, and bulbs (we love bulbs!). We also include seasonal bedding in the initial design and during ongoing maintenance visits if you choose to hire them. However, we want you to feel free to discuss with us what suits your needs best. We can change the whole planting scheme every season if you desire!



We adapt to any style of garden you want. We love working with flowers but we can also create a planting scheme full of colour just by using foliage. We are able to create modern urban spaces, lush tropical gardens, classic English rose gardens, tranquil Japanese retreats, whimsical naturalistic views or even Andalusian patios.


Kitchen Gardens

Do you want a vegetable growing space? we do that too! you would be surprised to find out the variety of edibles you can grow in a very small space. We choose attractive varieties of veggies that are suited to the climate in London, and grow them along with ornamental plants so you don't have to compromise on aesthetics.


Traditional Garden Design

Do we also plant in the ground? yes we do! we specialise in container gardening but we have a background in traditional gardening. If you would like us to design a planting scheme for your beds we are more than happy to do that too. We have experience with classic flower beds, rockeries, lawns, pond planting, and the list goes on.


We also know our limitations... we are not architects, and hence we do not undertake landscape design projects. However, we are more than happy to team up with any local landscape designers if you want us to design your planting scheme.


Maintenance Services

After each installation and planting project we undertake we offer helpful advice to our clients on how to care for the plants used on the design. However, to ensure that your display stays in tip-top condition we always recommend that you let us do the hard work and pay you regular visits to take care of your planters. We have a variety of maintance options that we can discuss to suit your needs and space. The regularity of our visits can depend on your gardening habits, the size of the place, the water sources available, etc.

Where We Work

We work in a wide range of areas within West London, including (but not limited to) Hanwell, Ealing, Chiswick, Hammersmith, Fulham, Chelsea, Richmond, Kew, Brentford, Hampstead, White City, Notting Hill, Holland Park, The West End and Covent Garden.

We also consider undertaking projects in other areas of London depending on the distance and size of the project.

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